Writing Formulas Naming Compounds Worksheet Key

Writing Formulas Naming Compounds Worksheet KeyNaming compounds is a basic idea in chemistry. It involves giving a unique name to the chemical compound on the basis of its composition. In addition, the name assigned to the compound can provide important information regarding its properties and the structure. There are different kinds of chemical substances, including ionic compounds, covalent compounds as well as binary compound.

Naming Ionic Compounds

Ionic compounds can be formed by electron transfer between electrons. They are made up comprise positively charged Cations as well as negatively charged anions. The rules for naming these compounds are as follows:

Compounds Names And Formulas Worksheet

  1. Write the name for the Cation first, then it’s anion’s name.
  2. If the cation has more than one charge Indicate the charge with Roman numerals in brackets.
  3. If an anion’s structure is polyatomic Ion, select the name of the anion.


  • NaCl is a name for sodium chloride.
  • FeCl3 is known as iron(III) chloride.
  • Mg(NO3)2 is known under the name magnesium nitrate.

Naming Covalent Compounds

Covalent compounds arise from sharing electrons among atoms. They are composed of molecules made by two or many atoms. The rules for naming covalent compounds are as below:

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  1. Write the name for the first element of the formula.
  2. Enter the name of the second element in the formula, changing the ending“ide “-ide”.
  3. Use prefixes to indicate the quantity of atoms contained in each element in the molecule, except for“mono-” for the first element “mono-” for the first element.


  • CO2 is a carbon dioxide derived name.
  • N2O is named dinitrogen monoxide.
  • SF6 is named sulfur hexafluoride.

Naming Binary Compounds

Compounds that are binary are those made of two components. The rules for calling binary compounds are as follows:

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  1. Note the name of first element of the formula.
  2. Write“double element” in the formula, and change the ending“-ide “-ide”.


  • The chemical name for HCl is hydrogen chloride.
  • CO is the scientific name for carbon monoxide.
  • Calcium oxide is also known as.

Practice Exercises

To enhance the learning experience for students, the worksheets will include practices for naming ionic elements, covalent components, also known as binary compounds. These exercises will help students improve their understanding of the rules of naming chemical compounds.

Ionic Compound Naming Exercises:

  1. Na2S
  2. KBr
  3. CaF2
  4. Al2O3

Covalent Compound Naming Exercises:

  1. CO
  2. SO2
  3. N2O4
  4. H2O2

Binary Compound Naming Exercises:

  1. Cl2O7
  2. P2S5
  3. BrF3
  4. NO

In completing these tests, students will become more confident in the naming of chemical compounds and be able to apply the rules to other compounds.


Naming compounds is a crucial idea in chemistry that demands a firm understanding how to follow the guidelines and rules to creating names for different kinds and types of compounds. By adhering to the guidelines set forth in this worksheet and experimenting using the exercises included, students will be able confidently name ionic, covalent, as well as binary substances. This is a must for succeeding in chemistry and creates the foundation for future research in the area.

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