Naming Chemical Compounds Worksheet Cavalcade Publishing Answers

Naming Chemical Compounds Worksheet Cavalcade Publishing AnswersNaming compounds is a key idea in chemical science. It is the process of assigning a distinct name to any chemical compound based on its composition. What is the title of a compound provides important information about its properties as well as its structure. There are many kinds of chemical compounds. These include ionic compounds, covalent compounds along with binary and covalent compounds.

Naming Ionic Compounds

Ionic compounds are formed by the transfer of electrons between atoms. They consist of negatively charged cations and negatively charged anions. The rules to name ionic compounds are as the following:

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  1. Write the name of cation first, followed by your name and the name of the anion.
  2. If the cation could have more than one possible charge Indicate the charge with Roman numerals that are enclosed in parentheses.
  3. In the case of a multiatomic Ion, select the name of the ion.


  • NaCl is known as sodium chloride.
  • FeCl3 is also known as iron(III) chloride.
  • Mg(NO3)2 is named magnesium nitrate.

Naming Covalent Compounds

Covalent compounds are created through the sharing of electrons among atoms. They are composed of molecules made up of two or more atoms. The rules for naming covalent compounds are as according to:

50 Naming Chemical Compounds Worksheet Answers Chessmuseum Template

  1. Name the first element in the formula.
  2. Write an appropriate name for each element in the formula, changing the end“-ide. “-ide”.
  3. Prefixes should be used to indicate number of atoms in every element of the molecule. There is no prefix for using the suffix “mono-” for the first element.


  • CO2 is also known as carbon dioxide.
  • N2O is named dinitrogen monoxide.
  • So, SF6 is a sulfur hexafluoride.

Naming Binary Compounds

Compounds that are binary are those made of two components. The rules for the naming of binary compounds are as below:

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  1. Name the first element of the formula.
  2. Write“I” as the title of your second ingredient of the formula, changing the end“-ide. “-ide”.


  • The name HCl refers to hydrogen chloride.
  • CO is also known as carbon monoxide.
  • CaO is named calcium oxide.

Practice Exercises

To enhance the learning experience it will be accompanied by practices for naming ionic elements, covalent components or binary substances. These exercises will aid students achieve a good understanding of the rules used to name chemical compounds.

Ionic Compound Naming Exercises:

  1. Na2S
  2. KBr
  3. CaF2
  4. Al2O3

Covalent Compound Naming Exercises:

  1. CO
  2. SO2
  3. N2O4
  4. H2O2

Binary Compound Naming Exercises:

  1. Cl2O7
  2. P2S5
  3. BrF3
  4. NO

As they complete these exercises students will develop confidence in formulating chemical names and be able to apply the rules to other compounds.


Naming compounds is a crucial notion in chemistry and requires a thorough understanding of these rules as well as guidelines to naming different types of compounds. By adhering to the guidelines set forth in this worksheet and experimenting through the exercises provided, students will be able be confident in naming ionic, covalent also binary compounds. This knowledge is essential for succeeding in chemistry and creates an excellent foundation for future research in the area.

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